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Regional Business Director
Because technologies and behaviors evolve, we believe that it is important to complete our range of services with new tools in order to always provide you with the richest insight. This is why we offer RateOnAir©, a new, flexible and reliable research technology.

- Extended Insight
- Very thin granularity
- An efficient device
- On demand TV measurement and location of viewing 
- A proven coding process : robust and inaudible


  • In addition to TV & Radio station ratings and time of exposure, RateOnAir© also detects the location of viewing (e.g., at home, at work) and can measure TV catchup OnDemand TV viewing. This information could prove to be useful to the TV channels' & radio stations’ editorial or commercial strategies.
  • The RateOnAir© meter automatically transmits audience reports at a frequency you can determine (e.g., every day, every week)  

  •  A dedicated device is the best available solution to date for measuring the audience. With the meter, we’re not slaves to technological innovation or to a highly competitive Telecommunications industry. Smartphone based solutions could be used to measure audience, but we believe that there are still too many technical and behavioral barriers to this solution.

  • However, smartphones evolve and we are conscious that there might come a day when all devices on the market have satisfactory decoding capacities. Our current technology has already taken this possibility into account and we are already equipped to put things in motion when the time is right for smartphone software decoding.                                          
  • Our watermarking technology is inaudible to human ear and does not affect audio quality. Whether you are a panelist or just a passionate radio listener, you can continue enjoying your favorite program as usual!

  • The coding process only requires the TV channels to equip a compact one rack unit embedder.

Médiamétrie already has almost 10 years of experience with the watermarking technology applied to TV audience measurement. This system is quite similar to that of Radio because the encoding technology is the same with only some minor adaptations necessary to cross over the acoustic path. It has been deployed as the audience currency in France, Morocco, India and the Netherlands.