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The 2017 Cinema Year in France : Audiences set the Tone

With a total of 41.8 million moviegoers in France, the 2017 cinema year drew in an additional 300,000 individuals, in spite of a slight drop in admissions when compared to 2016. This was no mean feat during a film year that noticeably lacked the big hit comedies seen in 2016. Clearly, the robustness of other film genres had compensated, with drama, fantasy and science-fiction films leading the way.

“The appeal of the cinema remains very dynamic, the result of a combination of factors that attract increasing numbers of viewers. The audience in 2017 was, however, different from previous years: they visited more occasionally and were increasingly targeted and tempted by new usages such as SVOD. The industry takes these new behaviours into account when promoting films in order to achieve a bigger box office,” said Marine Boulanger, Director of Cinema & Entertainment at Médiamétrie.

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The 2016 Cinema Year : The keys to success

A very good year in terms of entries, 2016 was also very good in terms of viewer numbers: 41.5 million people, namely 1.5 million more than the previous year, went to see films released in cinemas last year. “The power of cinema cannot be denied and is a result of a combination of factors that attract ever more viewers. In our study, we analyse all the elements that make cinema an increasingly dynamic medium”, declares Marine Boulanger, Director of the Médiamétrie Cinema Division. 

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