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Médiamétrie launches its Data Checking solution to validate client database quality


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2017: A Year in the Internet in France

At the end of 2017, there were nearly 52 million Internet users in France each month – more than 8 people out of 10 (83%). In 10 years Internet users have grown 40%. Two-thirds of French people log on every day, and the time spent on the web is 1 hour 28 minutes per day. With 48% of mobile web users every day, the smartphone is the #1 device used to log on, accounting for 40% of time spent on the web. Social media account for over ¼ of internet consumption with half of French people logging onto at least one social network every day. Mobile users spend 87% of their time in applications, half of which is in social network, gaming and video platform apps. GAFA sites and apps account for 36% of the total time spent on the Internet.

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Médiamétrie publishes “Internet Global” the first results of the new Total Internet Audience reference measurement based on a single panel


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2016 : A Year in the Internet - Mobile, an enriched experience

In 2016, 45.7 million of French people 15 years or older used the Internet. That's 87.7% of the French population!  Internet usage has grown rapidly over the last decade, driven in part by the multiplication of mobile screens, which accentuates the ways to access the Internet. It is hardly a surprise to observe that 18.9 million French people use the web on two or three different screens every day (70% on computers and mobile phones).

In terms of Internet usage, 2016 is marked above all by the progression of mobile uses which is transforming French daily habits. More specifically, digital is impacting large sections of the media industry, starting with content which is tending to migrate from traditional channels to Internet screens (PC, smartphone, tablet) and is amplified by social networks which have become a valued source of audience for brands.

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