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22/03 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
Kids TV Report July - December 2016 - Consumption of kids TV programmes : a shifting balance

During the second half of 2016, kids channels growth has stabilised. Simultaneously, creative programmes have started on digital platforms and new OTT players emerge. However, well-established brands still represent safe bets.

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27/02 - Television
Television audiences in France in February 2017

Television audiences from 30th January to 26th February 2017

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25/01 - Television
2016, a year in TV
The increased audience
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17/01 - Eurodata TV Worldwide, Television
International TV Trends: innovation at the heart of strategies and content to develop audiences

While analysing new international TV trends, Frédéric Vaulpré, Vice-President of Eurodata TV Worldwide, stated, “In a truly globalised audiovisual industry, knowledge of new public usages is highly important for broadcasters. It is being addressed by 4-screen audience measurements and the tracking of innovative content that enhances the user experience, particularly on mobile”. Sahar Baghery, Head of Global Research and Content Strategy at Eurodata TV Worldwide observed, “The key is to create attractive content for an international audience, with two objectives: to develop a premium audience and identify areas for innovation in order to attract a younger audience. Recent international collaborations are a response to these challenges”.

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02/01 - Television
Television audiences in France in 2016

Television audiences from 4th january 2016 to 1st january 2017

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