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26/11 - Television
Television audiences in France in november 2018

Television audiences from 29th october to 2nd december 2018

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29/10 - Television
Television audiences in France in october 2018

Television audiences from 1st to 28th of october 2018

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03/10 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
Autumn 2018 - Young adults are still fans of TV content, which they watch in their own way

Not all that long ago, TV viewers used to spend all their “TV time” watching live programmes: it was all on their TV set and they couldn’t use any other screens or choose their viewing method. “In 2018, it is particularly young adults’ live consumption on a TV set that is decreasing, while the consumption of TV programmes via catch-up or on internet screens is increasing, representing a bigger share of the total viewing," said Frédéric Vaulpré, Eurodata TV Worldwide Vice-President.

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01/10 - Television
Television audiences in France in september 2018

Television audiences from 3 to 30th of september 2018

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10/09 - Eurodata TV Worldwide, Television
French TV exports on the rise

This morning at Le Rendez-Vous in Biarritz, Eurodata TV Worldwide presented a study into French content production conducted for TV France International. The major insight : French productions, mainly nature documentaries and crime series, are attractive globally, meeting worldwide expectations.

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