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Médiamétrie launches its Data Checking solution to validate client database quality



Médiamétrie launches its Data Checking solution to validate client database quality

Less than one year after creating its Data Committee, Médiamétrie brought to fruition one of its ambitious plans with the launch of its ‘Data Checking’ solution.

Data Checking can validate the quality of publishers’, operators’ and advertisers’ databases (CRM and transaction) by crossing them with Médiamétrie’s reference panels. Audited by the CESP (Centre d’étude des supports de publicité) and containing over 320,000 qualified contacts (age, gender, SPG, etc.), these panels are set up in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Validation by Médiamétrie provides two indicators:

  • the quality diagnosis or ‘Kappa number’ established by variable and that allows, on any criterion shared by 2 bases, calibrating the quality of the studied base in comparison to a standard;
  • the strict Direct Agreement Rate with Médiamétrie's reference base. 


With this solution, Médiamétrie clients can thereby:

  • Prioritise their internal databases according to quality
  • Control and compare the quality of databases from partners, providers, etc.
  • Validate bases that may contain many millions of users with guaranteed statistical accuracy
  • Improve their data by deleting their least relevant databases
  • Earn the Médiamétrie ‘label’, a guarantee of quality and trust for advertising or commercial use

Estelle Duval, Data Business Director at Médiamétrie, added:
“We have just finished verifying four very different types of databases (deterministic, modelled, CRM, transaction*). The companies with which we work are convinced of the necessity of a tool like this to develop trust of the market. With Data Checking, the Data Committee moves towards its goal of establishing a Data quality standard in France (through a trusted, independent third party).”


* CRM data (Customer Relationship Management): data collected in the context of a company’s relationship with its clients
Deterministic data: individual data gathered declaratively, often sociodemographic: gender, age, municipality
Modelled data: data estimated from models operating on deterministic or behavioural data 
Transaction data: data owned by merchants on their clients resulting from purchasing behaviour

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