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France’s audience measurement organisation, Médiamétrie, to include OTT in its 4-screen TV audience ratings with French OTT platform Molotov


France’s audience measurement organisation Médiamétrie continues to enrich its 4-screen TV audience measurement, Focus Emission, with the inclusion of the performance of programmes on 14 channels available via the Molotov platform. 

Starting in October 2017, Médiamétrie will provide 4-screen TV audience measurement subscribers with performance data for their programmes that have been broadcast over the Molotov OTT television distribution platform. The 14 channel groups included in the 4-screen TV audience measurement delivered via Molotov are : TF1 Group, France Télévisions, M6 Group, Arte, Gulli.

These results will be included in the “Focus Emission” 4-screen service which measures television content broadcast live and catch-up daily across the 4 devices (TV, computer, mobile phone and tablet). Programmes watched on TV screens via Molotov are already taken into account in the company’s TV ratings measurement tool reference, Médiamat.


To achieve this Molotov has deployed Médiamétrie’s content identification tools (eStat streaming) across all of its applications and screens (computer, smartphone, and tablet).


Julien Rosanvallon, Head of Médiamétrie’s TV and Internet Departments specified:

"The inclusion of programmes viewed on Molotov in 4-screen TV audience measurement is a first step towards comprehensive measurement of TV content broadcast via online platforms. Médiamétrie in particular, and France in general, are forerunners in this field just as we were for 4-screen TV audience measurement. Only three other countries in the world have this kind of measurement. This innovation earned Médiamétrie a double award at this year’s   IAB Europe Research Awards in May 2017.”


According to Jean-Marc Denoual, co-founder of Molotov: “Molotov offers a brand new TV distribution experience and it seemed obvious to us that we should integrate the latest audience measurement tools relating to new television usage. We are delighted to be the first and, to date, the only platform to have partnered with Médiamétrie in the implementation of these measurement tools across all screens for the benefit of channels and their advertisers."


This new evolution in 4-screen TV audience measurement (offering audience of specific programmes on the 4 screens, both live and catch-up.) is the 4th update in just over 12 months since “Focus Emission” was created and launched in April 2016. As early asNovember 2016, Médiamétrie was able to provide monthly 4-screen audience figures per media group ("Brand Player"). Since then this service had been extended to 4-screen TV channels audience measurement in March 2017, both live and catch-up.


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