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First results from 4-screen TV measurement


Thirteen national channels receive performance results for their programmes broadcast across four screens

First results from 4-screen TV measurement

Following the launch of the On-demand Replay TV measurement in October 2014, Médiamétrie has continued to innovate and provided the first results of its 4-screen TV measurement since April 2016.

Thirteen channels have already subscribed to the measurement :
TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1, France 2, France 3, France 5, France 4, France Ô, M6, W9, 6ter and ARTE.

On a daily basis, these TV channels now get the 4 screen audience from their TV programs (television, computer, smartphone and tablet) in Restit’TV web-interface. The results are provided with a detail by screen and usage type (Live, Time-shift and On-Demand).

The TV Channels subscribing to this measurement can already start to share their own 4 screen performance. Starting September 27th 12016, the results will be shared with all subscribers to the national daily TV audience service (“Médiamat National Quotidien”).

Julien Rosanvallon, Director of the Television Department at Médiamétrie, reiterates the importance of the 4-screen TV measurement, stating :

"French people are increasingly using the Online screens to watch live or On-demand TV. Every day, three million people use these new screens to watch TV programs. France is one of the very first countries in the world to incorporate these usages into its audience measurement.”

More innovation to come for the 4-screen TV measurement

This innovation is part of Médiamétrie’s global roadmap for a full  4-screen TV measurement, developed with the support of its customers. It will include two further key stages:

  • 4 Screen TV Channel audience report : This monthly report will provide detail demographics, reach and duplication of the 4 screen TV audience.
  • Toward an advertising currency for Live TV advertising on online screens : Mediametrie is currently working with the French market to build an advertising currency for the Live TV advertising on online screens. Médiamétrie is already processing some initial results to feed the system.


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