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Television audience measurement enters a new era

Television is changing, and so are the ways in which we measure the number of people who watch it. There has been a massive increase in the offer, reception equipment, formats, broadcast platforms, viewer behaviour and other elements. Médiamétrie has been working with the market for over two years to enable us to keep up. The result is the NG, the Next Generation of television audience measurement.

Why do we need the Next Generation for measurement?

Analogue, digital, broadband, DVB-T, hertzian, cable, satellite, wide range of screens available, high definition, flat screen TV, catch up TV, hard disks, VOD, mobility, etc.

The television market has changed significantly over the last ten years. The same programme can be broadcast, received and watched in many ways. The objective of NG is to adapt audience measurement to these changes and anticipate them. How will it do this? By adapting panellist audimeters to free them from programme reception modes. Médiamétrie has selected "watermarking" technology to do this.