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The Google and Médiamétrie Panel

Google and Médiamétrie have teamed up to develop a single source TV and Internet panel in France to analyse the "bi-media" behaviours of internet users and television viewers.

The panellists are recruited and managed by Médiamétrie which uses its watermarking technology to measure TV usage. For its part, Google employs its technology to measure internet usage.

A panel of 3,353 households 

The Google and Médiamétrie Multiscreen Panel includes 3,353 participating households, which are statistically representative of French households. Measurement covers television and internet usage, which includes computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Households are recruited according to strict socio-demographic quotas and owned device variables: geographical region; age of the head of household; socio-professional category of the head of household; number of people in the household; occupation of the person in charge of purchases; Internet access provider; number of active television sets; television reception methods (satellite, cable, broadband/fibre); presence of children. 

By signing an agreement, each panellist household has given prior consent for their TV and internet data to be collected.

Each of the 3,353 households have been set up and measured since 31st March 2013.

Measurement technologies for TV and Internet 

The panel measures TV usage and attribution, as well as individual web usage via the household’s internet access. Only TV and internet usage of those aged 14 years of age and over is studied.

TV measurement of the Google and Médiamétrie Panel is carried out by Médiamétrie, in the same way as for audience measurement via the Médiamat Panel. Measurement takes account of all the active television sets in the household, which are equipped with an audience meter that is designed and operated by Médiamétrie. The technology used is called watermarking and has been implemented by Médiamétrie since 2008. Médiamétrie collects and processes the data gathered by the audience meters. The measurement takes into account both live and time-shifted TV consumption, as well as recordings and catch-up. 

Measurement of internet usage by members of the Google and Médiamétrie Panel is managed by Google. This encompasses measurement across all active digital screens that are online in the household:

  • PC / Mac
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

The internet measurement is carried by means of a unit connected to the household's broadband router which enables HTTP internet flows to be recorded. Data confidentiality is guaranteed: secure internet connections are not decrypted.

Since 2017, in order to optimise the measurement of internet usage by the Google and Médiamétrie Panel, data collection via the router has been complemented by the installation of a meter on all fixed and mobile equipment used by the panellists.

The meter allows for more accurate measurement of their usage; however, this technology is not intended to replace the routers, but rather to supplement it.

Among other things, with this meter measurement technology, it will be possible to generate results that take into account:

  • HTTP and HTTPS traffic,
  • traffic outside the home,
  • 3G / 4G traffic.

The technology used to measure television and internet is installed in the panellist's home by trained technicians who are supervised by Médiamétrie. This ensures that they are installed correctly and that the devices for measuring TV and internet are properly accounted.

Data Collection and Processing 

Médiamétrie is responsible for collecting TV usage data. It gathers data from the audience meters and then sorts the results according to socio-demographic criteria. It then reconciles these results with the Médiamat Panel in order to align them with the benchmark results for TV measurement. This entirely anonymous usage data is sent to Google. 

Google gathers internet usage data after concluding a formal agreement with the household panellist. Google collects this internet usage data from the meters and then anonymously transmits the entire, unfiltered usage data to Médiamétrie.