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Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

With the ever growing success of series, Eurodata’s 2017 Scripted Series report observes a rise in originals. Local productions remain strong but co-productions are gaining pace. American series are challenged by European programmes, especially British.

The series genre boosts the prime time audience in many countries, substantially in some such as in Denmark, the United States or Turkey, for example.

  “The success of series has led to increasingly strong competition between content creators. TV viewers demand new programmes, new content and originality.  There has never been so many new creations among the highest international audiences as in 2017”, points out Abed Laraqui, Research and Clientele Manager with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

Media behaviour - Press releases

There are now more and more screens but each is quite different. Each home has an average of 6.4 screens. What are they used for, and how does the public prefer to use them?

The television set is the preferred screen on the whole for web users aged 6 years and over (91%), followed by the computer (55%). Tablets are the true favourite of children: in one year, the number of 6-14 year olds using a tablet grew by 10 percentage points to 67% (compared to 46% for those aged 6 years and over).  As for smartphones, 84% of web users consider them an essential part of their daily lives.

Such are the findings of surveys including the latest Screen 360 study which identifies and measures the importance, the place and the usage of each screen in the daily lives of internet users.

"Nowadays, each screen has found its place in the home, because it fulfils specific functions and meets specific needs: image quality and comfort on TV screens, internet access and functionality on computers, simple and convenient usage on tablets, communication with friends and family, as well as easier access to multiple content on smartphones. In this way, each of the screens has become indispensable in the eyes of users," said Jamila Yahia Messaoud, Director of the Consumer Insights Department.

Television - Press releases

Television audiences from 2nd january to 31st december 2017

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases
Football accounts for 27% of sports programming on generalists channels

In 2017 football, winter sports and local competitions have gathered large audiences in front of TV screens around the world. While television is increasingly challenged by non-linear ways of consumption, sports and live television are still a perfect match. Attractive prospects ahead of 2018 global super-events such as the Winter Olympics and the Football World Cup. Yassine Berhoun, Sports Director at EurodataTV Worldwide points out: “In 2017 again, a number of sports programmes have gathered  significant audiences in spite of the transfer of rights to pay TV. Consequently, alternative competitions have successfully been broadcast on public channels like the Women Euro in the Netherlands for example.”
Television - Press releases

Television audiences from 30th October to 3rd December 2017

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

For the 3rd year running, Eurodata TV Worldwide has published the "Young Adults Report", a study which highlights the specificities of 15-34 year olds within the audio-visual landscape of ten countries. They are singular viewers who watch TV programmes differently : they intensively watch catch-up and programmes on other screens, with strong attraction to fiction.

Television - Press releases

Every day in France 4.9 million individuals aged 4 and over watch TV programmes live or as catch up on internet screens (computer, tablet or smartphone). Last year, they were 3.9 million, according to the previous edition of Médiamétrie’s Global TV survey.

43.3 million TV viewers spend an average of 4hrs 45mins daily in front of their TV sets.

Of the “internet screen” viewers, more than half are aged under 25, whereas that age category makes up just 26% of the total population. These 2.5 million young viewers are up 1/3 from last year and are watching an average 1hr 51mins a day online.


Eurodata TV Worldwide - News

Your update from Eurodata TV Worldwide - Novembre 2017

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