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Jennifer AUBINE
Jennifer AUBINE
International Sales Manager
In charge of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco
International Sales Director

International Sales Manager
In charge of United States, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Buthan, Fiji
Salomé FUCHS
Salomé FUCHS
International Sales Manager
In charge of United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland
François LHOMME
François LHOMME
B-Right Service Director
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, LatAm, Spain & Portugal Sales Director
Senior Sales Manager
In charge of the greater China, South-Eastern Asia region, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India

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Tracking telecasts of your properties in over 100 territories all over the world
Get to know the commercial value of TV programs
  • Broadcasters, distributors, producers: find out the international advertising revenues generated by the programs of your interest: TV program revenue info as well as spot by spot details
  • Advertisers: Get the right price with an efficient tool to measure the investment in ad campaigns at an international level
  • An excellent way to develop arguments on both sides: editorial and advertising


TV Value Brochure (188.90 Kb)

A unique approach

  • Beyond TV audience ratings, TV Value service reports on the amount of money (gross value) earned by a TV station from advertising sales of airtime in and around any program (lead-in and lead-out)
  • Calculation of ad revenues based on industry standard advertising expenditure figures used by media agencies and advertisers sales houses, thanks to partnerships with adex suppliers.
  • Fine-tuned matching of the program logs produced by people meter companies with all advertising spots aired inside commercial breaks
  • Centralised process for compilation of advertising expenditure relying on a network of local companies is the guarantee for an integrated system taking into account the particularity of each market.


What data do you get with TV Value?

  • Details for each individual spot: brand name, product category, spot title, Channel, Start Time, End Time, Duration and Advertising expenditure.
  • Ad break information for the breaks immediately before, during and immediately after a particular program or series
  • To complete and compare with advertising revenues, you can also add the ratings information corresponding to the telecast
  • TV Value allows many different types of analysis such as cross-country insights, comparison between offer/viewing and revenue by content genres etc.
  • Broadcasters, distributors, producers
  • Advertising management
  • Media agency
  • Advertisers

Data frequency: 2 levels of services

  • TV Value Ad-hoc: information can be delivered for any given program.
  • TV Value Subscription: information on a selection of programs or genres or all programs on a continuous basis for chosen channels among more than a hundred available.


More than 20 territories covered worldwide:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Quebec, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA…


Covered period: Any period if the channel is measured


Launch date: Available Now!

Price: available upon request