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Jennifer AUBINE
Jennifer AUBINE
International Sales Manager
In charge of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco
International Sales Director

International Sales Manager
In charge of United States, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Buthan, Fiji
Salomé FUCHS
Salomé FUCHS
International Sales Manager
In charge of United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland
François LHOMME
François LHOMME
B-Right Service Director
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, LatAm, Spain & Portugal Sales Director
Senior Sales Manager
In charge of the greater China, South-Eastern Asia region, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India
Analysis of the performance and audiences of local and international scripted series across 12 territories

With the Scripted Series Report, zoom in on the returning successes and national and international break out hits as well on the place of fiction in broadcasters' strategies and schedules.

The Scripted Series Report offers a comprehensive overview of trends and strategies in drama programming in 12 key territories.

The study is composed of two annual surveys.


The Scripted Series Report aims to allow you greater precision in your strategies for the acquisition, programming and distribution of TV series, as well as giving you the information you need to enter new markets with confidence.

The survey helps:

- Discern the key players worldwide as well as series’ purchasing strategies and line-ups

- Understand the markets’ specifics and the viewers’ national preferences

- Identify the most unifying national and international content

- Evaluate entry  opportunities for different markets

  • Producers/Distributors,
  • Fiction Acquisition Executives, 
  • Directors of Programming

For each market covered, the annual report provides:

  • Audience share of generalist and thematic channels, audience profile and their series programming
  • Genre and origin of series broadcast linked to the best performing formats
  • Ranking of the most watched series of the season
  • Focus on a selection of formats that boost the channels' performances
  • Hits cross-countries formats

The two quaterly barometers provide for all 12 markets:

  • National rankings of Top 15 scripted series the most watched during the quarter in prime time and 5 during the day
  • Focus on a selection of new flagship shows

Markets: Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden,Turkey, the United Kingdom, the USA

Frequency of the report
Delivered on a regular basis:

  • Bi-annual report published in June (covering September to February) and December (covering March to August)

Format of delivery:
Paper version only on request


Other countries available for a supplementary fee