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Jennifer AUBINE
Jennifer AUBINE
International Sales Manager
In charge of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco
International Sales Director

International Sales Manager
In charge of United States, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Buthan, Fiji
Salomé FUCHS
Salomé FUCHS
International Sales Manager
In charge of United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland
François LHOMME
François LHOMME
B-Right Service Director
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, LatAm, Spain & Portugal Sales Director
Senior Sales Manager
In charge of the greater China, South-Eastern Asia region, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India
Predict the potential audience of a TV program at an international level
  • The launch of a new series, the programming of an international entertainment format, the broadcast of a sports event… whatever the situation, the PredicTV tool, created by Eurodata TV Worldwide, allows you to calculate a provisional audience.
  • PredicTV is a decision-making process tool made for broadcasters, distributors, producers and live event planners who want to evaluate the international potential audience of a program before its airing, as an additional argument to sell, buy or schedule a format.


PredicTV Brochure (432.99 Kb)

A unique approach:

  • PredicTV has been developed in collaboration with the British company Bucknull & Masson, specialist in media research and planning.
  • The model relies on audience data collected by Eurodata TV Worldwide over nearly twenty years.
  • The unique aspect of PredicTV and the Eurodata ratings base is the competitive cross country evaluation capability
  • A relevant benchmarking to establish parallel programs is achieved by an expert use of the Nota comprehensive Program Card data.

How does PredicTV work?

  • According to the specifications of the program in question (target country, channel, date, length, genre), PredicTV first takes into account the international performances of the format, recorded in other source countries.
  • Then, the model takes into consideration a selection of relevant benchmark programs, both in the source and target countries.
  • Using this selection, the tool simulates the potential audience of the future program.
  • The prediction obtained is re-evaluated in relation to the general evolution of the channel and of the specific timeslot.

Data frequency: 3 levels of services

-          PredicTV in e-NOTA: get audiences estimates for upcoming shows in our online

           international NOTA database  

-          PredicTV Ad-hoc: information on a specific program of your choice

-          PredicTV Subscription: information on a selection of programs on a continuous basis


10 territories covered worldwide:

Australia Regional, Denmark, France, Italia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom


Covered period: From 2008… to the future


Launch date: Available Now!

Price: available upon request