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Jennifer AUBINE
Jennifer AUBINE
International Sales Manager
In charge of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco
International Sales Director

International Sales Manager
In charge of United States, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Buthan, Fiji
Salomé FUCHS
Salomé FUCHS
International Sales Manager
In charge of United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland
François LHOMME
François LHOMME
B-Right Service Director
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, LatAm, Spain & Portugal Sales Director
Senior Sales Manager
In charge of the greater China, South-Eastern Asia region, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India
Identify producers’positioning in TV broadcasting strategies for Unscripted Entertainment Shows and Scripted Series in 7 countries. > Which markets and channels are opened to the arrival of new producers? > Which producers are markets leaders? > How do perform in-house productions compared to independent producers? Do local productions manage to outperform imports?

Analysis upon the influence of producers within each channel (groups of channels) on national and multi-national scales: Germany, United Kingdom, USA (networks + Cable), Netherlands, France, Spain & Italy.

A special focus is made on scripted producers in Sweden, Denmark, Israel and Turkey.

Advantages: allow producers, television channels, market study and research consultants to obtain a global idea and precise information concerning their influence within televisual programming.

This report identifies the producers’ positioning in TV channels’ strategies across: unscripted entertainment shows, scripted series and feature films.

It highlights the local markets’ programming and identifies the most scheduled and the best performing producers.

Special attention is paid to broadcast groups and their strategies.

This report includes in-depth analysis focusing on:

Producers' positioning in TV broadcasting strategies across 7 countries

                - Executive summary

                - Cross-country performances of the main producers

                - Local TV landscapes

Programming analysis on access and prime time

                - Analysis of domestic productions vs. imports

                -  Positioning of producers in TV grids

                - Top producers per genre and per channel

Producers' performances in national markets

                - Focus on the best performing local producers

                - Highest rated and most scheduled shows

                - Influence of in-house vs. external producers

Special focus on scripted producers in Sweden, Denmark, Israel and Turkey

Producers, television channels, market study and research consultants

Territories: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, USA (Networks et Cable Channels)

Channels: 10 major channels + logic affiliated channel groups (the BBC group for example)

Genres: All productions across unscripted entertainment shows and scripted series (excluding documentaries and magazines, TV movies, animated series, news, sports)

Time slot: Access and prime time