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Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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Eurodata TV Worldwide announces a reorganisation of its research division

Eurodata TV Worldwide - the international division of Médiamétrie - announces a reorganisation of its research division that has been undertaken in response to new challenges for customers in the International TV & Video ecosystem: an increasingly complex, globalised and rapidly changing environment. The resurgence of audience data (especially the rise in 4-screen TV audience results), together with the growing number of countries that use automatic audience measurement all require extra analytical capacity and expertise. These developments have also led to the creation of a Content Insight department that is entirely devoted to content analysis on a global scale in order to offer the strongest expertise. A cross-disciplinary department has also been created, responsible for coordinating quality policy and projects.

Florent Carême is named Head of Research at Eurodata TV Worldwide. In this position, Florent will be in charge of the entire Research team. His primary mission will be to define the research division’s strategy, including how the service offer and its production should evolve. Florent will also develop Product Innovation.

The Content Insight direction has been entrusted to Avril Blondelot, who is tasked with defining and implementing the strategic positioning of content analysis. Her mission is to ensure the coherence and the relevance of content trend analysis taken from the NoTa monitoring service that looks at programme trends around the world, as well as from audience data analysis. Avril will also lead the Research department’s collaboration with Tape Consultancy – the UK-based company of content experts and audio-visual programming and production consultants in which Eurodata TV Worldwide has held a stake since 2016.

The Research and Projects Coordination department is led by Charlotte Michelotti who centralises and coordinates the production methodologies and tools of the Research Department in line with Médiamétrie’s quality policy. She is also in charge of the Video team.

We are wishing them all the success in their new jobs,

Best Regards,

Laurent Battais,
Senior Vice President, Eurodata TV Worldwide

Find out more about our insight reports:

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The Changing World of Series: In Search of Meaning and Reality
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The Eurodata TV Worldwide team is constantly travelling around the world to meet our clients/partners and bring an unique insight through conferences, seminars and festivals around five continents. In the coming months you can meet and hear us at:

  • Media Message 2017
    Helsinki, Finland
    9-10th August 2017

    “Content on all screens: Case studies of Innovative Strategies” by Siglinde Martinez on June 10th, 09:15 – 10:15am
    Siglinde Martinez - smartinez@eurodatatv.com
  • Edinburgh International Television Festival
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    23-26th August 2017

    Salomé Fuchs - sfuchs@eurodatatv.com
  • The Global Dynamic of Television – Conference by Eurodata TV Worldwide
    London, United Kingdom
    3rd October 2017

    "Engaging viewers with innovative content in a 4-screen environment"
    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com
  • Forever Young Conference by Stratégies
    Paris, France
    4th October 2017

    Siglinde Martinez - smartinez@eurodatatv.com
    Xavier Rambert - xrambert@eurodatatv.com

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our clients and partners report on their successes, projects and relationship with Eurodata TV Worldwide.
TV France International – Mathieu Bejot – Executive Director – France

Can you tell us about your recent successes?

We are very particularly happy with two “Rendez-vous” events we launched earlier this year. The first was aimed in Germany, our number one market and partner. The two-day event with key German buyers we invited to Versailles allowed our member companies to have fruitful meetings with clients and prospects strategically just a couple of weeks ahead of MIPTV. The presentation by Eurodata TV on French programmes hitting international screens illustrated some of the successes of French animation, docs and drama in Germany.

Le Rendez-Vous in Beijing was also very successful. For the first time in years, we organized two days of panels and meetings between French exporters and VR production companies and Chinese executives. Along with the Chinese correspondent TV France has appointed in Beijing, the event should help French producers, distributors and broadcasters get a better understanding of the complexities of the Chinese market and increase their flow of business despite the limitations on foreign programme imports.

What are your main projects and strategy outlines over the coming months?

Our short-term project is the 23rd Rendez-Vous, the French screenings which will take place on September 10-14th in Biarritz. Le Rendez-Vous is an opportunity for 250 to 300 international acquisitions executives to screen and buy the latest French production from some 60 exhibiting content providers. Traditional trade shows with face-to-face meetings are still the order of the day in international distribution. Le Rendez-Vous can help generate up to 25% of annual international sales for French distributors and is therefore a must-attend event for them. We are delighted to kick off the event this year again with a presentation by Eurodata TV: French productions: Trendsetters in a global market.

Besides traditional markets, our main strategy is digital with our online screening platform Screenopsis, which also powers the Rendez-Vous screening library. Screenopsis was launched last year and has now reached its stride after a running-in period. In order to generate more traffic and attract more buyers, we started our second phase a few months ago and we now provide relevant and personalized information to buyers through regular newsletters, on top of highlights on the home page. We push programmes grouped around themes, current topics, anniversaries etc. and successful ratings in and outside of France.

How does the information provided by Eurodata TV Worldwide help you in your work?

The information provided by Eurodata TV helps us spot successful programmes and detect trends which we use for our Screenopsis newsletters. Eurodata also provides great insights for the general coverage of international markets which we share with French exporters. Needless to say, tracking programmes is also essential as great ratings in your domestic market or internationally remain a key selling-point for programmes.

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Attract kids with adaptations and vlogging

Over the last months, adaptations from well-known comic books and the formats inspired by vlogging drew the attention of children in Europe and the United States. Also, a new type of format is being made by international networks: the girl who moves to a totally unknown environment.


In France, adaptations from comics were popular: after Boule & Bill in 2016 on TF1, Trolls De Troy on Gulli and Les Légendaires on TF1 were launched in 2017. Ernest & Celestine, based on the books by Gabrielle Vincent, premiered in April on France 5, and already enjoy strong popularity in children, as a film adapted from the books was successfully released in 2012.

The Disney star characters are back this year with new shows like Mickey And The Roadster Racers and a reboot of McDuck’s adventures, DuckTales. Mickey was launched in January and already travelled on local Disney Junior channels in the US and the UK, Australia, Canada and Belgium; whereas DuckTales will make a debut in August in the US.

The influence of the YouTube vlog format on television

In the late quarter of 2016 and during the first semester of 2017 the influence of the YouTube-like vlog video format was an inspiration for children’s series. The production companies and broadcasters were interested in the kids’ consumption of digital videos on online platforms in the recent years and created series that were available both on their network channel and on their official YouTube channel. Disney Channel UK launched (22x5’) that uses the very same codes as the video vlogs made by popular YouTubers for children and teenagers: a bedroom setting with a computer camera frame. The Disney Channel Vlog is hosted by two teenage girls who make tutorials, funny voice-overs and promote the other programmes airing on the Disney Channel.

Such programmes were also created on a more local scale, like in Germany with Leider Lustig on the successful local kids’ channel KiKa. In this show, local YouTube star Marti Fischer makes tutorials and music in a humorous way for children and teenagers; the show made good performances and was renewed for a second season.

The YouTube vlog video format was also used as a topic for fiction shows: in the United States, a few years after Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Disney launched Bizaardvark, a series about two friends who want to have a successful YouTube channel so that they can enter the famous Vuuugle studio and become professionals vluggers. The show uses the usual Disney live-action editing style. YouTube Red studio also produced an original show on the same topic, Hyperlinked, the story of a group of friends who start their YouTube channel. After shows revolving around dancing and singing, the sitcom about vlogging is currently becoming a new classic of the talent-based teen fiction.

The newcomer

Another recurrent thread for late 2016 and 2017 shows was the girl who moves to a totally unknown environment. Two international networks broadcast programmes focused on the topic of the town girl moving to the countryside: Nickelodeon’s Ride and Disney’s The Lodge. Both series show a strong similarity in the pitch: an orphan teenage girl who lives with her father must move abroad to the countryside in a big mansion and must learn to live in the rural world and make new friends in a totally new environment. In Ride, Kit Bridges is a 14 years old girl who moves to England with her father and attends Convington Academy, an equestrian school. In The Lodge, Skye is a 15-year-old girl who moves to Ireland with her father in her late mother’s mansion turned into a hotel. The series was a success on the English Disney Channel. Both shows travelled internationally on local Disney and Nickelodeon channels. Finally, the theme was used in Rainbow’s animated Regal Academy, which premiered across Europe at the beginning of 2017. In this programme, Rose, a young girl, enters an academy of magic and discovers that she is a princess. This trend resonated with children’s concern about identity and integration.

All the facts and figures of these programmes (and much more!) can be found in the Q2 2017 update of the Kids TV Report. The report will be released at the end of July.

Sources: Médiamétrie / Eurodata TV Worldwide / Relevant partners / Kids TV Report Q2 2017

For further information on the Kids TV Report please contact us!
Louise-Marie Monne - Research & Account Executive - lmmonne@eurodatatv.com
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Western Europe: a wellspring of original idea

During the 2016-2017 season, Western Europe is a wellspring of original idea, with 52% of all new launches being original creation on the channels covered by NoTa. The leading format inventors are UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. The UK is the most prominent programme exporters, whether in their original format or in an adapted version. The island nation exports its format to Western Europe countries, but also to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia or Oceania.

Trends for imported formats, factual and fiction programmes in Western Europe

Despite the prevalence of original creations, imported formats still accounts for 42% of all new launches in the region this season. The most active importers of formats are Austria (82%), Belgium South (71%) and North (64%).

Generally, factual programmes continue to dominate this season, with 53% of Western Europe’s total new launches being factual programmes on channels covered by NoTa. Most popular are documentaries, representing 55% of all new Factual shows. Docu-soap, magazine and reality show each account for 13% - 14%, while talk show represents only 5%. The leaders of the factual trends are the Netherlands, the UK and Belgium North.

click for a larger version

Fiction programmes are the second most popular genre, representing 27% of all new launches. Series and mini-series account for the overwhelming majority of all fiction launches at a combined 88%. Belgium South, Austria, France and Germany are the regional leaders in Fiction launches, with Fiction programmes representing over a third of total new launches.

Next, entertainment formats represent the smallest part of the launches this season at 20%, down 2 points from last season. Italy, UK and the Netherlands launched the highest number of entertainment formats, mostly reality and game shows. Some are original formats such as “Get the F*** out of my house” in Netherlands, while most others are adaptations of hit international game shows, such as the Japanese obstacle-course competition format “Ninja Warriors”.

Western countries are ambitious investors in series production

Furthermore, France, Italy and the UK have proven to be ambitious investors in series production. The trio has developed many co-productions, most notably the mini-series The Young Pope. Co-produced by preeminent companies from France, Italy, UK and US, the series was an international success. It was the top audience-booster programme in Italy for the fall season, and boosted Sky’s market share for all individuals in the UK by 280% for its premiere. The mini-series has since then traveled to France, the Netherlands, USA, Australia and many more countries.

Another recent co-production project for series is Ransom, inspired by the real-life professional experiences of the world-renowned crisis negotiator Laurent Combalbert and his partner Marwan Mery. Co-produced by France, UK, Canada and US, the series had a good performance in Germany, boosting Vox’s audience share by 34% over 6 episodes.

Strategic moves: networks are investing in channels

The alliance does not stop with just Fiction though. Prosieben’s multi-channel network Studio 71 has recently seen a minority of its stakes bought by TF1 Group (France) and Mediaset (Italy). In addition, an ambitious alliance between France Televisions and Italy’s RAI has been announced, with the aim of co-producing a wide range of high-end English-language content for international distribution. This strategic move to offset the increasing influence of US streaming services in Europe would include TV dramas, documentaries, animation series and entertainment formats.

All the facts and figures of these programmes (and much more!) can be found in the NOTA Trends report. The report was released in July.

Sources: Eurodata TV Worldwide - Relevant partners / NOTA International TV Trends Mid-Season 2016-2017.

For further information on the NOTA International TV Trends, please contact us!
Long Trinh - Research Analyst and Client Executive - ltrinh@eurodatatv.com
Cécile Bertrand - Research Manager - cbertrand@eurodatatv.com
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62 HISTORIA DE UN MUNDIAL – The programme is inspired by the real historic event occurred in Chile during the organization of the World Cup 62 which they ended up hosting. Carlos Dittborn, the head of the organizing committee campaigned around the globe endlessly for his country. But he passed away a month before the inauguration of the World Cup. The programme was funded by CNTV – Consejo Nacional de Televisión (Chile’s National Commission for Television) and directed by the award-winning director Rodrigo Sepúlveda.

Chile – TVN - Mini-Series - The programme retraces how Chile succeeded to host the FIFA World Cup in 1962 thanks to Carlos Dittborn, Juan Pinto Durán and Ernesto Alvear, leaders of the organizing committee which had to tackle many obstacles. They had to deal with an impoverished country, an undisciplined national team and one of the greatest earthquake in Chile history.


FANTASIES – The online platform, Fullscreen and the global multiplatform of free online storytelling, Wattpad announced a partnership to turn fanfiction into original stories. The scripted series is produced by New Form and stars today’s digital media stars such as Andrea Russet or Gabbie Hanna.

USA – Fullscreen – Series - “FANtasies" is a series that adapts the fanfiction into a narrative starring the talent who inspired the story. Stories are drawn from a variety of genres including a musical romance, a comedy, and a footage horror movie.


ZUI JIA NV PEI: A ER FA ZHI JING (最佳女配:阿尔法之境) – The series is set in a near future, and is centered around a Virtual Reality world. The Chinese government encourages companies and developers to work on Virtual Reality /Augmented Reality technology with the goal to establish an innovative world economy. Beijing Heyi technique Co. Ltd, the production company is owned by the online platform, Youku Tudou.

China – Youku Tudou – Series – The programme centers on Chang Yuqi, a young woman who works in a local restaurant but dreams to work for Alpha, a high-tech company. Thanks to a turn a fortune, she found herself working for Alpa. She manages to climb up from a nobody to the center of the spotlight. Throughout her journey, she also discovers love and friendship.


Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / NOTA / Relevants partners

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Join the Eurodata TV Worldwide team!

The Eurodata TV Worldwide department analyses and gives access to audience performances of television programmes in more than 100 territories across the world. Our clients are TV producers, TV Channels, Copyright Organizations, Sponsors, etc.

Do you have a strong interest in international television? You already keep an eye on new launches and programming trends?

Join our team!

International TV Programme Analyst Assistant- 6-months Internship

Our Research department is currently seeking, for a six months’ internship, an International TV Programmes Analyst Assistant.


  • Identify new TV titles launched in a selection of territories.
  • Establish documentary research, via Internet, to write a brief description of each programme and gather the production credits.
  • Collect the data produced, verify them and interpret the results.
  • Assist Research & Client Managers, producing audience reports and analysis for our global clients.
  • Analyse international TV landscapes, programme performances and programming scheduling.


  • Preparing a BA, BS/BSc and/or MA, MS/MSc,
  • In Business school or University,
  • Field: Marketing/Research/Medias.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

Research and Account Assistant – 6-months internship

Within the Research and Strategies of content team of EurodataTV, we are seeking for an apprentice/intern from June 2017.


You participate in the realization of reports and analyses for our international clients, and as such you participate more particularly in reporting on the hearing channels and programmes worldwide.

You synthesize audience data from the available in-house databases, formalize requests for additional data to the partners we are working with, and check the results of the studies you are responsible of. You format and make the writing of summaries of these reports.

You also need to communicate in English with some local partners in order to provide clarification on the transmitted data.


Student in Business School or University, minimum BA level, you follow a specialization in audiovisual/studies/mathematics, and are strongly motivated by the quantitative studies and the international TV sector.

Comfortable with numbers, you are known for your qualities of rigor and adaptation. Your taste for team work and intellectual curiosity will make you successful in the position.

A very good knowledge of IT tools - Word, Excel and Power Point - is necessary.

Given the international environment the proficiency in English is essential.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

Marketing and Sales Assistant – 1 year apprenticeship

Within our Sales Department, we are looking for a Marketing and Sales Assistant for a one year apprenticeship starting in September 2017.


In support of the sales team, you come in on the following missions:

  • Update the commercial media on a regular basis and preparing business presentations dedicated to accompanying sales offers
  • Coordinate the creation of marketing materials dedicated to specific markets
  • Assist sales team in the study of feasibility of the commercial applications
  • Prepare purchase orders
  • Assist sales representatives in the management of the databases (CRM) (Clients & Prospects)
  • Manage sales’ planning of interventions
  • Manage invitations to Eurodata TV Worldwide events
  • Coordinate emailing campaigns
  • Assist sales representatives in the promotion of the publication of new studies
  • Perform specific administrative missions or analysis in connection with the activity of the sales team


Business School or University Master degree.
You already have a first experience within a sales department, ideally with an international environment.
Your discipline, sense of organization and prioritization tasks, as well as your independence will be assets to succeed in its mission.
Good command of Microsoft Office.
Very good command of English (written and oral). Knowledge of a second language would be a plus.

Contact: please send your application to: gaubry@mediametrie.fr

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