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January 2018 Newsletter

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Let’s see what 2018 will bring to the world of television!

First of all, let me wish you a successful and happy new year 2018!

Last year, we announced a new collaboration with the London-based company TAPE Consultancy.

This partnership allows us to keep an eye on the trends in television in London and Paris. Both companies, part of the same group, working on the same objectives, we are a unique research and content partner.

Today, I am pleased to tell you that our partnership is going to be strengthen in the coming months with the launch of a new service to support our clients in content evaluations.

This new year is already off to a good start and our premium conference about the latest contents trends in television on January 18th ensured our partnership with TAPE Consultancy. This third edition met with great success, this is the reason why we decided to do the same conference in front of an American audience in Los Angeles.

In 2018, we are going to reinforce a large range of products:

  • My ETV full web, a new interface user friendly and easier to access to facilitate your audience analysis.
  • Our report 4Screen, track and analyze new habits wherever they are going to be measured.
  • The enrichment of NoTa with the integration of new programmes for children.
  • A new service drawn by TAPE to analyse audience potential of programmes before production

Driven by our partnerships with more than 250 flagships clients, these different initiatives will reinforce our unique position as the only TV & Video Market Intelligence company able to provide with services that cover more than 110 countries in the world.

I take this opportunity to announce you that we will host a conference at the Mipformats on April 8th, and we will do the opening conference at the Miptv on April 9th, so let’s meet us there!

Best regards,

Frédéric Vaulpré,
Vice President of Eurodata TV Worldwide

Find out more about our insight reports:

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The next hot country for export is...
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The Eurodata TV Worldwide team is constantly travelling around the world to meet our clients/partners and bring an unique insight through conferences, seminars and festivals around five continents. In the coming months you can meet and hear us at:

  • New On The Air – Conference by Eurodata TV Worldwide & Tape Consultancy
    Los Angeles, United States of America
    25th January 2018

    "Content & usage: what’s capturing the audience’s interest worldwide?" by Eurodata TV Worldwide and Tape Consultancy on January 25th, 10:00am – 01:00pm
    Frédéric Vaulpré - fvaulpre@eurodatatv.com
    Kunal De Souza - kdesouza@eurodatatv.com
  • European Film Market
    Berlin, Germany
    18-20th February 2018

    François Lhomme - flhomme@eurodatatv.com
  • DISCOP Dubai
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    25-27th February 2018

    Jessica Laloum - jlaloum@eurodatatv.com
  • SPORTEL Asia
    Asia, Singapore
    13-15th March 2018

    Yassine-Guillaume Berhoun - ygberhoun@eurodatatv.com

Wherever you are in the world, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Most successful scripted series in the online screens

Scripted series strongly benefit from the additional audience brought by online screens (computers, tablets and mobiles). 4-screen data available in the Netherlands and in France allowed the Scripted Series Report 2017 to identify the most successful TV series on these screens.


In the Netherlands, the most successful scripted series viewed online are all dramas, with less than 10 episodes, and broadcast on the public group channels NPO. If Flikken Maastricht and Als de Dijken Breken also feature among the most watched scripted series on TV screen. But, the NPO 3 drama Vlucht HS13, only stands out when looking at online ratings. Online screens bring an additional 8.7% viewers to the programme.

Channel: NPO1
Genre: Crime
Country of prod: Netherlands
Producer: Eyeworks
Number of episodes: 10
  Channel: NPO3
Genre: Drama
Country of prod: Netherlands
Producer: Column Film
Number of episodes: 8
  Channel: NPO1
Genre: Drama
Country of prod: Netherlands / Belgium
Producer: Evangelische Omroep
Number of episodes: 6


In France, the situation is quite different: the triumphant scripted series online are dramedies. However, as in the Netherlands, they are made up of fewer episodes. Season 7 of TF1’s hit dramedy Clem also ranks 5th in the scripted series top TV set ranking in France. On the contrary Fais pas ci, fais pas ça and Dix pour cent, both broadcast on the public channel France 2, achieved success mainly online. These two series share another common point: they are France 2’s two most young adults oriented scripted series.

Channel: TF1
Genre: Dramedy
Country of production: France
Producer: Merlin prod.
Number of episodes: 10
  Channel: France 2
Genre: Dramedy
Country of production: France
Producer: Elephant Story
Number of episodes: 6
  Channel: France 2
Genre: Dramedy
Country of production: France
Producer: Mother prod.
Number of episodes: 6

Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / Scripted Series Report 2017

Looking at these case studies it is relevant to say that even if TV remains the main screen to watch scripted series, online ratings are key to understand global successes.

Sources: Eurodata TV Worldwide – Médiamétrie

For further information on Scripted series, please contact us!
Pauline Chassagne – Research and Client Executive - pchassagne@eurodatatv.com
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Which is the predominant genre consumption by country?

The young adult’s report was released in early November and contains a detailed country by country analysis of TV consumption of young adults, as well as a cross-country analysis. A study which highlights the TV viewing habits of 15-34 year olds within the audio-visual landscape of ten countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA).

Rather balanced TV consumption for young adults

To gain insights into young adults’ TV viewing habits, it is interesting to look at how young adults’ TV time is shared between the three genres (excluding sport) and if young adults’ consumption pattern is very different from the rest of the audience.

The chart below shows the aggregated results over ten countries studied on the six main channels among young adults, covering the 06:00-25:00 timeslot.

From this chart, it is clear that young adults have a rather balanced TV consumption. However, fiction is the most watched genre by young adults. This genre is highly attractive for young people as it includes many popular series subgenres. It is also noteworthy that the factual genre consumption is 1-point higher than entertainment. In Italy, the Netherlands and Japan, the factual genre is boosted by the significant success of docu-soaps. Young adults are fond of this new type of programme, blending factual and entertainment.

The report also reveals that entertainment is relatively overconsumed, as it only represents 25% of the hours of programming, but 32% of the young adults’ TV consumption. It underlines the fact that entertainment programmes are generally strong performers.

Furthermore, entertainment and fiction are consumed more by young adults than by total individuals.

The below map shows us a genre consumption by country.

Fiction: the predominance across five countries

It reveals immediately the predominance of fiction across five studied countries (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United States). Entertainment is most presented in France and the United Kingdom, the two countries which have also the largest volume of entertainment in the programming compared to the other countries (38% and 35% respectively). As this genre is usually successful with young adults. Finally, factual dominates in three countries (Italy, Japan and the Netherlands). As seen before, in those countries, there is a fine line between entertainment and factual which could explain such a fondness of these programmes.

More facts and figures of the young adults’ TV consumption can be found in the Young Adults report.

Sources: Eurodata TV Worldwide – Young Adults Report 2017 / Relevant Partners

For further information on Young Adult, please contact us!
Anastasia Châteauvieux – Media Consultant - achateauvieux@eurodatatv.com
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This series is a costume drama based on Hai Yan's novel with the same name. It is a continuation of the original series “Lang Ya Bang”.

Chinese platform – Dragon TV / BTV 1 Sat / Iqiyi – Scripted Series- The series is directed, scripted and produced by the same team behind Nirvana in Fire, but stars an entirely new cast. It tells the stories that take place after the events of the original series, which revolves around the Langya Hall.


The documentary gives a retrospective look at television appearances made over the years by legendary Hollywood Fred Astaire, capturing the milestones and highlights of his life and career.Its two episodes performed well, especially on the commercial target audience.

France – ARTE – Documentary – This programme tries to unravel what made Fred Astaire an exceptional and unique performer and choreographer. It was developed in collaboration with the Franco-German Channel ARTE.


This programme is a high stakes drama series that follows a new generation of far-right activists, their Anti-Fascist counterparts, and its impact on today’s multicultural society.

Australian platform – Stan – Series – The film told the story of the exploits and downfall of a neo-Nazi group in blue-collar suburban Melbourne. The series is a continuation of the story 25 years later, following a new generation of the activist right, their anti-fascist counterparts, and the multicultural fabric of a country each of them threatens to tear apart.


Source: Eurodata TV Worldwide / NOTA / Relevants partners

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Join the Eurodata TV Worldwide team!

The Eurodata TV Worldwide department analyses and gives access to audience performances of television programmes in more than 100 territories across the world. Our clients are TV producers, TV Channels, Copyright Organizations, Sponsors, etc.

Do you have a strong interest in international television? You already keep an eye on new launches and programming trends?

Join our team!

Research and Client Executive – Full-time contract

You guarantee with the support of your team composed of two senior study managers, the realization of the report "One TV Year in The World". You coordinate the production of adhoc studies and ensure optimization and quality.

You guarantee the production of the study "One TV Year in The World": from the relationship with the partners, the analysis and the synthesis of the data, the realization of the report to the delivery of the results to the customers. You also produce the thematic report on the consumption of Young Adults.

You are responsible for a portfolio of clients (broadcasters, producers, distributors) and provide them with figures and analyses. In relation with the sales managers, you produce ad hoc studies for your clients and think about the marketing optimization of the offers. With the support of the partnerships team, to obtain the necessary data, you are also in constant contact with our partners around the world.

You propose the lines of study and ensure the analysis and the realization of the reports, in connection with your team.

You bring your analytical expertise for conferences. You participate in the communication of studies in relation with the marketing team (press releases, emailings and customer brochures).

Joining us is evolving on a position where you will express your accompanying qualities and your value-added on the analyses.


  • Higher education type School of engineering or course statistics-University maths.
  • Experience of at least six years, ideally acquired in a study company.
  • Strong ability to synthesize and critically analyze data.
  • Rigor, ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously, proposal strength, initiative, ability to speak in public.
  • Fluent English with editorial command imperative.

Contact: gphelizon@mediametrie.fr

International TV Programme Analyst Assistant – 6-months Internship

Our Research department is currently seeking, for a six months’ internship, an International TV Programmes Analyst Assistant.


  • Identify new TV titles launched in a selection of territories.
  • Establish documentary research, via Internet, to write a brief description of each programme and gather the production credits.
  • Collect the data produced, verify them and interpret the results.
  • Assist Research & Client Managers, producing audience reports and analysis for our global clients.
  • Analyse international TV landscapes, programme performances and programming scheduling.


  • Preparing a BA, BS/BSc and/or MA, MS/MSc,
  • In Business school or University,
  • Field: Marketing/Research/Medias.

Contact: please send your application to: ccoue@mediametrie.fr

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