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MultiScreen Report 2016 Edition 1
Multiscreen strategies : an opportunity to catch viewers’ attention with the right content at the right time
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The Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide announce the winners of the 11th “International TV Audience Awards”

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide have joined forces in order to reward programs which deliver the highest ratings worldwide.

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The Monte-Carlo TV Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide announce the nominees of the 11th International TV Audience Awards

The 56th Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide have joined forces for the 11th time in order to reward scripted programs who deliver the highest ratings worldwide.

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Entertainment TV Report: Authenticity a key factor in boosting entertainment format genres

The 2016 edition of the Entertainment TV Report , covering 11 territories and 90 channels, looks back over the success stories in 2015 from emblematic entertainment genre.

Talent searches and competitions of every kind remained safe “bets” and  pursue their expansion into new territories. Scripted programmes are still riding the crest of the wave and new formats in contrast are focusing on authenticity, showcasing human beings, their relationships and everyday life through experimental programmes.

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One TV Year in the world : a wealth of television content expands its journey to new screens around the world.

For Sahar Baghery, Head of Global Research and Content Strategy at Eurodata TV Worldwide : "The theme of this new TV season will be diversification: diversification of distribution, of technology, of content and creative centres. We now order our TV “à la carte” and from a vast menu!"

Frédéric Vaulpré, Vice-President of Eurodata TV Worldwide, adds : "At the same time as we increasingly watch TV on other screens and pre-recorded, audience measurement is evolving in many countries to take this new usage into account."

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Eurodata TV Worldwide now offers a 50 territory TV programme monitoring service including 4 new South-East Asian countries

NoTa, the monitoring service for new TV and Web programmes around the world, is extending its offering to six additional countries in April 2016, with four new South-East Asian countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

According to Sahar Baghery, Director of Global Research & Contents Strategy at Eurodata TV Worldwide, “As the Asian region is now representing 60% of the global worldwide TV audience and is increasingly creative in terms of new programmes,  the NoTa service needs to reflect these new content trends. It is a major step towards enriching our international offer, especially in a context which sees an increase in the number of screens in the region with smartphones, tablets and digital platforms”.

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Kids TV Report: Children Series Push Boundaries and Introduce New Heroes

Since 2009, the Kids TV Report has analysed the changes in broadcasting environments and programmes aimed at children. Commenting the publication of the edition that delivers second semester 2015 statistics, Avril Blondelot, International Research Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide, announced: "In a context where media of all kinds are competing against each other, bold programming decisions to renew and refresh programmes and themes seem to succeed. An increasing number of opportunities for TV brands in the toy market was also observed.”

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Yassine-Guillaume Berhoun is appointed International Sport Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide

Yassine-Guillaume Berhoun has been appointed to the newly-created position of International Sport Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide.

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New On The Air : Innovation and local inspiration are key to content circulation through TV, SVOD and the web

During the Annual  International TV Trends presentation, Sahar Baghery, Head of Global Research and Content Strategy at Eurodata TV and Estelle Chandèze, International Research Manager, noted that «  in the situation where "hyper choice" of content, platforms and international creativity is available to the viewers, the competition gets stiffer. This in turn drives TV channels to innovate, stand out from their competitors and look for inspiration from the web ».

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Scripted Series Report : Scripted Series, a powerful genre experiencing great change

"More than ever, the 2014-15 season points at the division of the series universe. On one side, great hits on the overseas market, such as CSI or The Mentalist will not be renewed by the channels which launched them. On the other hand, several forms of short narratives have been tested and local comedies are appearing”, notes April Blondelot, Head of International Studies with Eurodata TV. The 6th edition of the Scripted Series Report returns in 2014-15 and analyses the programming of series around the world - 101 channels and 13 countries – which represents more than 32,000 prime time hours of broadcasts."

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