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14/10 - Eurodata TV Worldwide, Television
Eurodata TV Worldwide launches NoTa Kids, the new content monitoring service for younger audiences.
Four strong trends identified in 2017

In an exclusive for the MIP Junior event, Eurodata TV Worldwide unveiled its new NoTa Kids platform, the children’s version of NoTa (New On The Air)  its well known monitoring service for new programmes on TV and online platforms.

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03/10 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
Autumn 2017 - Innovative content and dynamic strategies in the 4-screen universe

The mid-year review from Eurodata TV Worldwide and Tape Consultancy presented today in London details the first lessons learned from 4-screen TV audience measurement. Watching TV programmes in this way is becoming complementary to viewing on the television set and is capable of reaching a wider audience.

Analysis was also presented concerning the increasingly original strategies being used by broadcasters to deal with fierce competition from the online platforms: disrupting timelines, using pop-up channels, etc.

Lastly, the spotlight is turned on the global trends in programming during the 1st half of 2017: 6,000 programmes launched, over half of which were original creations, with themes ranging from nostalgia, awaking to today's world and escapism.

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02/10 - Television
Television audiences in France in September 2017

Television audiences from 4th September to 1st October 2017

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14/09 - Corporate, Television
France’s audience measurement organisation, Médiamétrie, to include OTT in its 4-screen TV audience ratings with French OTT platform Molotov

France’s audience measurement organisation Médiamétrie continues to enrich its 4-screen TV audience measurement, Focus Emission, with the inclusion of the performance of programmes on 14 channels available via the Molotov platform. 

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11/09 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
Topical French TV productions enjoy continued export success

This morning at TV France International's Le Rendez-Vous in Biarritz, Eurodata TV Worldwide presented a study into French content production that was conducted on behalf of the CNC and TV France.

The main lesson from this study: local French production is in excellent health. Whether in entertainment, fiction or factual genres, French productions are being exported more often, and with growing success.

"One factor behind this success is the selection of subject material that is completely in line with the expectations of a global audience," stated Frédéric Vaulpré, Eurodata TV Worldwide Director. “This study underlines the growing attraction for French programmes, as well as the quality of audio-visual content production in France that has an appeal outside of our borders," added Mathieu Béjot, Managing Director of TV France International.

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17/07 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
Eurodata TV Worldwide Announces a Reorganisation of its Research Division

Eurodata TV Worldwide - the international division of Médiamétrie - announces a reorganisation of its research division that has been undertaken in response to new challenges for customers in the International TV & Video ecosystem: an increasingly complex, globalised and rapidly changing environment. The resurgence of audience data (especially the rise in 4-screen TV audience results), together with the growing number of countries that use automatic audience measurement all require extra analytical capacity and expertise. These developments have also led to the creation of a Content Insight department that is entirely devoted to content analysis on a global scale in order to offer the strongest expertise. A cross-disciplinary department has also been created, responsible for coordinating quality policy and projects.

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10/07 - Corporate
Médiamétrie Announces the Creation of the Data Committee

Médiamétrie announces the creation of the Data Committee To date, this committee brings together media, pure players, agencies, advertisers and telecoms operators. In other words, 19 of the main data players in France:

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03/07 - Television
Television audiences in France in June 2017

Television audiences from 29th May to 2nd July 2017

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20/06 - Eurodata TV Worldwide
The Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide announce the winners of the 12th “International TV Audience Awards”

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide have joined forces in order to reward programs which deliver the highest ratings worldwide.

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20/06 - Corporate
François Dufresne is named Director of Development in the Audience Measurement Department

Médiamétrie announces the nomination of François Dufresne as Director of Development in the Department of Audience Measurement, reporting to Benoît Cassaigne.

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