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Responsable d'études et de clientèle

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Cin'Hebdo lets you analyse your film's campaign before its release in cinemas.

Week by week, track changes in recognition and intentions to see your film, compared with its competitors.

Since 2003 Médiamétrie has been monitoring promotional campaigns for films released with 100 prints and more, week by week.

The films are usually studied from R-5 to R, but may be studied before R-5.

Main findings:

  • Recognition of your film (spontaneous and assisted) 
  • Thenumber andprofile of spectators whointend to go and see it in the cinema 
  • The sources of recognition and the contribution of each media sector to this recognition 
  • Theranking of elements of the film or its promotional campaign that make people want to see it in the cinema 
  • How the film's image changes after its release
  • Film distributors
  • Film promotion agencies
  • Film producers

Weekly study carried out byInternet(CAWI system) with individuals aged 15+ across all of France, who state that they have gone to the cinema over the last 12 months.

In order to guarantee the best level of representation, the sample is set by quota first of all then adjusted later, based on the 75 000 Cinéma, the benchmark market study.

The study may be extended to cinemagoers aged between 6 and 14.

The results are delivered every Tuesday.

Summary Excel spreadsheets containing the main indicators combined by target, for each film studied.

They are provided with a specific written analysis, focused on your films.

Finally, for annual subscription: free access to the Cin'Hebdo interface that lists all results since October 2003 (1,500 films studied)