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Media behaviour - Press releases

Almost 2 out of 5 French internet user has already used VOD* or SVOD** services, a steady increase. Over the last 12 months, 13% of the population indicated they had rented at least one video, and 20% have used a SVOD service.

SVOD's primary strength lies in the diversity of content. Users of SVOD aged 15 years and over in particular are “series-addicts” . Despite the domination of American series, 56% of respondents said it was important for them to have an SVOD catalogue that contained French productions of films and series.

Internet - Press releases

At the end of 2017, there were nearly 52 million Internet users in France each month – more than 8 people out of 10 (83%). In 10 years Internet users have grown 40%. Two-thirds of French people log on every day, and the time spent on the web is 1 hour 28 minutes per day. With 48% of mobile web users every day, the smartphone is the #1 device used to log on, accounting for 40% of time spent on the web. Social media account for over ¼ of internet consumption with half of French people logging onto at least one social network every day. Mobile users spend 87% of their time in applications, half of which is in social network, gaming and video platform apps. GAFA sites and apps account for 36% of the total time spent on the Internet.

Eurodata TV Worldwide - News

Your update from Eurodata TV Worldwide - February 2018

Eurodata TV Worldwide - News

Meet the Eurodata Team at Cannes!

Television - Press releases

The Luchon Festival of Televisual Creation (from 7 to 11 February 2018), of which Médiamétrie and Headway are partners, offers the opportunity to take stock of French fiction (TV movies, series, serials). Fiction represents ¼ of programmes watched on French television. Among these, French scripted has an increased position and represented 85 of the 100 best performing scripted in 2017, attracting an average 6.2 million viewers. More than two thirds of people believe that the quality of French fiction has improved within the space of 3 years. These programmes also benefit from new usages with every second 15-24 year old privileging “binge-viewing”. Médiamétrie and Headway analyse the place of French fiction in the TV landscape as well as what viewers feel about national creations.

Television - Press releases

Television audiences from 1st to 28th January 2018

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

Eurodata TV Worldwide provides key analysis for successful international TV & Video content

When reviewing international TV trends in 2017 in an exclusive conference held in L.A. this morning, Frédéric Vaulpré, Eurodata TV Worldwide Vice-President commented: “In a content industry that is constantly searching for “the magic formula” to turn local productions into  big international hits, understanding new audience usage is critical for broadcasters. 4-screen data gives a clearer viewer understanding and adopting multi-screen strategies are proving to be decisive for content success.”

Avril Blondelot, Director of Content Insight at Eurodata TV Worldwide, continued: “As for new programming, whether it be entertainment, factual  or fiction genres, there were three distinct “take-aways” from our analysis  this year. Firstly the portrayal of a divided world in which people feel disoriented. Secondly the option for the “safe bet” that unifies people and thirdly the creation of unique and innovative experiences.”

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Open Gardens / Closed Gardens 2018
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I-COM Data Science Hackathon
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ASI International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences 2018
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