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Eurodata TV Worldwide - News

Your update from Eurodata TV Worldwide - May 2015

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

The 55th Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide have joined forces for the 10th time in order to reward scripted programs who deliver the highest ratings worldwide.

Television - Press releases

Television audiences from 30th March to 3rd May 2015

Television - Press releases

In June 2015, Mediamétrie and Integral Ad Science will launch a new service that delivers Gross Rating Point (GRP) measurement for TV and online video advertising campaigns.

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

Although in 2014 the TV screen was still the predominant device used to watch programmes, either live, recorded or as catch-up TV, there are now many video consumption practices across different devices. The way in which TV content is watched has changed. The second edition of the Multiscreen Report, which is now available, shows that “online audiovisual content platforms are developing in a rapidly changing environment. They invest in content and try out new features in order to stand out in a crowded environment,”  notes  Avril Blondelot, Research Manager at Eurodata TV Worldwide. This report follows more than 60 online audiovisual content platform strategies in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the United States, both from traditional broadcasters (CBS, Sky plc, RTL and Modern Time Groups) and pure online players (Amazon, Netflix and Rakuten Groups).

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

NoTa, the monitoring service for new TV and Web programmes around the world, is extending its offering to Sub-Saharan Africa in April 2015, with three new African countries: the Ivory Coast, Kenya and Nigeria.

According to Sahar Baghery, the Director of TV Formats Division at Eurodata TV Worldwide “It is a major step towards the monitoring of TV programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa in a context which is seeing an increase in the number screens, the advent of digital, new stakeholders and creative dynamism.”

Eurodata TV Worldwide - News

Your update from Eurodata TV Worldwide - April 2015

Eurodata TV Worldwide - Press releases

“By going over more than 100 territories, 6300 channels and 3 billion viewers with a fine toothcomb, the One TV Year study draws up a panorama of the global audiovisual market and its regional specificities. It updates an ecosystem where digital modifies the behaviours of viewers, revitalises TV channel strategies and sets up challengers while reaffirming the power of TV content” , comments Frédéric Vaulpré, Director of Eurodata TV Worldwide.

Movie - Movies
To analyse your film’s campaign before its release
Eurodata TV Worldwide - Prepare Tomorrow
Predict the potential audience of a TV program at an international level
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Radio - Behaviour and habits
Because technologies and behaviors evolve, we believe that it is important to complete our range of services with new tools in order to always provide you with the richest insight. This is why we offer RateOnAir©, a new, flexible and reliable research technology.
Content & Multiscreen Experience
Eurodata TV Worldwide - With Médiamétrie
From june 13th to june 18th, the Content & Multiscreen Experience (CME) is a unique industry conference within the...
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